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English citations of pinkwashed

Adjective: "colored or tinged pink, especially from paint or light"[edit]

1907 1912 1922 1930 1943 1958 1966 1973 2002 2008 2011
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  • 1907 — Mary Wright Plummer, Roy and Ray in Mexico, Henry Holt and Company (1907), page 22:
    The buildings were low, generally with one story, and never with more than two, and built of adobe, a sort of clay found abundantly in the dryer parts of the Southwest. They were not only whitewashed but bluewashed and pinkwashed, as Roy put it, giving a very gay appearance to the streets.
  • 1912 — Aubrey F. G. Bell, In Portugal, John Lane Company (1912), page 101:
    A few kilomètres from Torres Vedras is a little village of houses pinkwashed or white with blue doors and windows; []
  • 1922 — Jan Gordon & Cora Gordon, Poor Folk in Spain, John Lane (1922), page 9:
    Up the hill we went into streets which became more narrow and more steep, until at length he led us through a courtyard with pinkwashed walls, []
  • 1930 — Sydney Greenbie, The Romantic East: India, Indo-China, China and Japan, Robert M. McBride & Company (1930), page 148:
    We went by car through the glaring sun, upon dusty highways, wide, open, and lined with pinkwashed walls.
  • 1943Gilbert Frankau, World Without End, E. P. Dutton & Co. (1943), page 123:
    The hotel revealed itself, just beyond a level crossing, as a pinkwashed semicastellated edifice standing solitary in its own grounds.
  • 1958Andrew Garve, The Galloway Case, Harper (1958), page 82:
    It was very tiny and rather dilapidated but it had a thatched roof and pinkwashed walls and was highly picturesque from a distance.
  • 1966Rose Macaulay, Pleasures of Ruins, Thames & Hudson (1966), page 444:
    [] one looks instead at the poise of their broken walls against the backcloth of olive-grey and pine-green mountain above the pinkwashed town and the little stone-jettied port of fishing-boats.
  • 1973Maureen Duffy, All Heaven in a Rage, Knopf (1973), ISBN 9780394484044, page 165:
    Its spire rose out of rich deep foliage beyond pinkwashed cottages.
  • 2002Marion Lennox, A Royal Proposition, Harlequin (2002), ISBN 9781426881473, unnumbered page:
    Built in pinkwashed stone, the buildings circled a cobbled courtyard.
  • 2008 — Tanita S. Davis, A La Carte, Borzoi Books (2008), ISBN 9780375848155, page 218:
    We move out of the trees and up a little rise where we can better see the sky, which is slate blue with a flaming rosy glow that fades to the palest pinkwashed gold.
  • 2011 — David Hewison, The Fallen Angel, Macmillan (2011), ISBN 9780230758612, unnumbered page:
    Eight days later Costa found himself alone outside the tiny pinkwashed church of San Tommasso ai Cenci, in the little square at the summit of the gentle mound behind the bleak old palace where Beatrice had lived.