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English citations of polnoglasie

  • 1993 — Edward Stankiewicz, The Accentual Patterns of the Slavic Languages, Stanford University Press, p. 341
    Such a shift is now in fact limited to monosyllabic and polnoglasie stems, while it is excluded in polysyllabic and derived stems, and in a number of one-vowel stems (for examples, see Ch. V, The Adjective, §3.1, p. 203.).
  • 2002 — Paul V. Cubberley, Russian: A Linguistic Introduction, Cambridge University Press, p. 322
    This pattern suggests that the new vowel wa indeed an inserted one, and not a genuine polnoglasie development, in which the new vowel should be fixed (as in, for example, CSR город/gorod-Ø 'town', NS ~ города/gorod-a GS.)
  • 2002Alexander M. Schenker, The Slavonic Languages, ed. by By Bernard Comrie, Greville G. Corbett, Taylor & Francis, p. 76
    The polnoglasie sequences derived from acute diphthongs stressed V₂, while those going back to circumflex diphthongs did not.