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English citations of poly

in the sense of: polyamorous[edit]

1996 1997 1998 2005
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  • 1996 January 10, "Peanuts" <>, "Re: does bi imply poly?",, Usenet,
    On the basis that monogomous means having one partner at a time, even though there may be numerous partners sequentially, many married people, whatever their orientation, are poly for some of the time purely because of the difficulty of changing partners monogomously   ie someone else comes on the scene before the marriage is ended.
  • 1997 October 30,, "Poly-bi (Was: Gender awareness)",, Usenet,
    I was just reading Carries post and a though crossed my mind about poly relationships. While I've never had the opportunity to act on it, I do believe that one person can love several people simultaneously, in different ways and not always in a precice balance, but truly have strong feelings for several people at once.
  • 1998 February 13, "DragonMaster" <>, "Question about TPE, Poly and finding slaves who are interested.", soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm, Usenet,
    I have been given to assignment by my MASTER to bring in additional slaves for a poly bdsm household we are establishing. [] Many potential slaves who talk to me claim that they are looking for a TPE relationship but would not consider a poly relationship. "They don't want to share their MASTER".
  • 2005, Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, Plural Loves: Designs for Bi and Poly Living, Haworth Press, page 70, →ISBN
    Bi people tend to develop polyamorous identities and poly people tend to develop bisexual identities.