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English citations of postcount

  • 1999 May 3, Christopher Reid <>, "Re: WC Observational humor", message-ID <>,, Usenet:
    Why is it after I honestly post something like "you're trying to increase your postcount!" or "you're trying to start another stupid thread!" you warp it and try to apply it to every which thing you can't think of a response to?
  • 2006 January 12, "Zoinkid" (username) <>, "5 balls...kind of...okay not really", message-ID <43c672ef$0$87298$>, rec.juggling, Usenet:
    I'm quite tempted to add all my catches here in new posts:
    a) Annoying everyone
    b) Raising my postcount.
  • 2007 June 5, "F~A~R~V~A: The Original Bastard" (username) <flyhighfreeebird@aol.compost>, "If Tard Ape wants to increase his postcount", message-ID <f43mt1$mvi$>,, Usenet:
    he could just reply to all my posts.