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English citations of pot brownie

Noun: "a brownie laced with marijuana, eaten for its psychoactive effects"[edit]

1970 1972 1993 2003 2007 2010 2011
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  • 1970 — J. Spencer Grendahl, The Mad Dog Press Archives, G. P. Putnam's Sons (1970), page 103:
    "We got into that scene a few times, fudge, pot brownies, kef cake. Nice."
  • 1972 — Michael Rossman, On Learning and Social Change, Random House (1972), ↑ISBN, page 275:
    This fall a free university of 1,000 students has formed, hippies are passing out pot brownies on the main quad, and student government and off-campus people are preparing an ed reform center to knit together regional work.
  • 1993Paul Krassner, Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut, Simon & Schuster (1993), ↑ISBN, page 173:
    I especially enjoyed tripping while being interviewed on TV — from a pot brownie for Mike Douglas to magic mushrooms for Tom Snyder — and so, one hour before the "Tonight" show began taping, I swallowed that week's withdrawal of LSD from my bank vault.
  • 2003 — December 9, Christopher Lloyd, "High Holidays", episode 11-11 of Frasier, 00:09:03-00:09:13:
    Niles Crane: Just take a look. Ah, yes, thick and gooey. Ganja in its purest form.
    Roz Doyle: It's a pot brownie, you idiot.
  • 2007Norris Church Mailer, Cheap Diamonds, Ballantine Books (2008), ↑ISBN, page 186:
    "It was probably a pot brownie. Those things can be lethal. Can you throw up?"
  • 2010Sarah Silverman, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee, HarperCollins (2010), ↑ISBN, page 96:
    On special occasions, I literally make it a treat, and eat a pot brownie.
  • 2011Chelsea Handler, Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me, Hachette Book Group (2011), ↑ISBN, unnumbered page:
    One particular instance that comes to mind is the only time in my life I ate a pot brownie.
  • 2011 — Abby Sewell, "Three unsuspecting seniors eat pot brownies at memorial service", Los Angeles Times, 10 October 2011:
    Three senior citizens in Huntington Beach got more than they bargained for when they sampled some brownies at a memorial service. The sweets turned out to be pot brownies.