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English citations of pound

  • 1820, Valuation roll, antient [sic] and modern, of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbrightshire (Scotland)[], page 74:
    My Lord Bishop of Edinburgh has the lands of Drum, and is worth yearly two hundred thirty-three pound twelve ... fifty-four pound seven shillings six pennies, inde 54 7 6 Ardwell an hundred fifty-two pound seven shilling two pennies
  • 1835, (J. Hill), Memorabilia of the city of Glasgow, selected from the minute books of the burgh, mdlxxxviii-mdccl [ed. by J. Smith. 2 pt., with index], page 519:
    To charges at Edinburgh and Whitburn, two pound, thirteen shillings and six pence. ... they give the town eredite for the sums following, viz. : — One hundred fourty two pound of militia money, got from Robert Colquhoun. — Fifty pound ...
  • 2010, Rich Ling, Scott W. Campbell, The Reconstruction of Space and Time: Mobile Communication Practices, →ISBN, page 81:
    You have to spend like—you have to spend a pound, and then you get two points . Once you've got five hundred points, you get two pound fifty off for shopping.