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English citations of pound sand

Verb: "(idiomatic) to engage in a futile activity"[edit]

2004 2007 2010 2011
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  • 2004Karen Hughes, Ten Minutes from Normal, Thorndike Press (2004), →ISBN, page 520:
    "We want to make sure when we do something, we are not pounding sand []
  • 2007Jonathan Rauch, "'This Is Not Charity'", The Atlantic, October 2007:
    "Without him as anchor and persona," Magaziner says, "we'd be pounding sand."
  • 2010 — Eric Blehm, The Only Thing Worth Dying For: How Eleven Green Berets Forged a New Afghanistan, HarperCollins (2010), →ISBN, page 44:
    [] Without men on the ground, we'll be pounding sand."
  • 2011 — Young Park, Choices, iUniverse (2011), →ISBN, page 235:
    " [] Well, Kevin, we may be pounding sand. The proposal is pretty clear cut and they're nit picking about nothing. This morning was a waste of time."

Verb: "(idiomatic, dismissal) to go away; get lost; go to hell"[edit]

2003 2008 2009 2012
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  • 2003 — Christopher Koch, "Showdown at the 6.0 Corral", CIO, 15 March 2003:
    "The price to us was going to be $3 million, and we had four months to pay before the Licensing 6.0 deadline. We told Microsoft to go pound sand."
  • 2008 — Andrew Kent, Spam & Eggs: Perception Is Reality, Reality Is Perception, Dog Ear Publishing (2008), →ISBN, page 151:
    "Go pound sand," Johnny repeated in a lighthearted tone. "If you think I'm going to liquidate my detective agency to save the FBI some work, you've got another thing coming."
  • 2009 — Marshall Phelps & David Kline, Burning the Ships: Intellectual Property and the Transformation of Microsoft, John Wiley & Sons (2009), →ISBN, page 12:
    "I sort of cleared my throat and told Efi very firmly that unlike Kodak and Adobe, we didn't have color management. So he could go pound sand as far as I was concerned."
  • 2012 — Kathy Altman, The Other Soldier, Harlequin (2012), →ISBN, page 26:
    And once she'd found out who he was, she hadn't hesitated to tell him to go pound sand.