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English citations of qq

verb : crying (probably)[edit]

not durable
also not durable
  • 6/19/2008, "Arthur Wilkey" (username), Re: 2008 Games Day entry, Real Alaskan Gamers (group):
    Heh...he wasn't qqing about balance...he was bitching about the people who DO qq about balance...

verb: crying (and by extension, whining) (definitely)[edit]

  • 2011, Neil Butler, The Roost: Stories, p. 188:
    I was soon racking up points, lighting little fires of butthurt in the other team. Soon their qqing came through fast.

Portuguese citations of qq

  • 2014, Mônica d'Olliveira, Rodopios: Antologia, Editora Filhos do Vento, ISBN 9788567705002, page 19:
    Kd vc?
    Naum sei pq
    Vc sumiu
    To cum sds
    De qdo
    Por qq besteira