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English citations of rah-rah skirt

Noun: "a short flounced skirt of a style similar to that worn by cheerleaders"[edit]

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  • 1985Ethlie Ann Vare, "Katrina's Waves Finally Find the Sunshine", Billboard, 20 July 1985:
    "Someone's always saying 'Try on this rah-rah skirt,'", says fresh-faced vocalist Katrina Leskanich, 25.
  • 2000India Knight, My Life on a Plate, Mariner Books (2001), ISBN 0618093974, page 31:
    [] …pastimes which are as dead to me as the rah-rah skirt or the stripy legwarmer.)
  • 2001Emma Forrest, Thin Skin, Pocket Books (2001), ISBN 0743464818, page 136:
    She must have been five years older than Ruby but she was wearing a pink rah-rah skirt with pale pink tights, ballet slippers, and a long-sleeved thermal vest.
  • 2007Lynda La Plante, Clean Cut, Simon & Schuster (2007), page 485:
    Anna walked in to see the little girl in a rah-rah skirt, wearing Carly Ann's gold chain round her neck and playing with a massive dolls' house.
  • 2008Martina Cole, Close, Grand Central Publishing (2008), ISBN 9780446179966, page 255:
    As he chatted up the dark-eyed girl in the rah-rah skirt and the heavy makeup, he was patting himself on the back.
  • 2009Polly Courtney, The Day I Died, Avon (2009), ISBN 9780007331666, unnumbered page:
    Along with a trowel, a plastic rhino, a sketchbook and a rah-rah skirt, Jo found what she was looking for in the back of the store cupboard: a mirror.