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English citations of re-enabled


1633 1829
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  • 1633: T. Adams Exp. 2 Peter iii. 18
    Thus are we re-enabled to pay him the debt of glory.
  • 1829: John Mason Good, The study of medicine, page 413
    But such a practice must not be attempted indiscriminately, and should indeed be used with great caution : for it has fallen to the author’s lot to know of not a few instances, in which the constitution has been so completely broken down by the very onset of this energetic plan, as to require, not two or three weeks, but many months, before the patient was re-enabled to take his station in society ; to say nothing of the virulence which has been added to all the symptoms of the case, whether primary or secondary, in dyscrasies or idiosyncrasies which are hostile to the use of mercury.

English citations of reënable, reënables, and reënabling


1911 1926 2004 2005
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  • 1911, Adding and Listing Machine, U.S. Patent 998,716, pp 9–10:
    In an adding and listing machine, the combination of a series of adding wheels and reciprocating actuators engageable and disengageable; manipulative means for variously limiting advance of the actuators; the wheels being disengaged therefrom during such advance but engaged therewith during their return movement; zero stops for the wheels; means for keeping a section of said wheels engaged with the associated actuators during both advance and return movement of the latter; means for counting the operations of the balance of the wheels by one-step turning of a wheel of the said section; means controlled by the manipulative means associated with said section of wheels, for disabling the means which keep the latter engaged with actuators, during advance of the same; means for reënabling said latter means at the conclusion of an operation of said section of wheels under control of said manipulative means; and printing mechanism including type carries set by the actuators.
  • 1926, Mark Jefferson, Peopling the Argentine Pampa, p 68:
    Roca used his influence with the Congress, and an act was voted reënabling the city.
  • 2004, “Vanheesbeke Stefaan”, comp.arch.fpga (Google group): NI*S II-verilog in Virtex FPGA, October 18, 5:54pm:
    I’ve written an interrupt handler that reënables the interrupts and is done fully in assembler. Depending on the state of the Icache I reach 2 – 4µs. No one seems to reënable interrupts anymore (according to the altera documentation), but it can be done thay say.
  • 2005, “Character”, 24hoursupport.helpdesk (Google group): Floppy Drive Recognition Problem, August 16, 4:38pm:
    It was a good thought, and thank you for it. I disabled floppy boot, and also went through a number of combinations of removal, uninstall, reënable etc. But still no success.
    It’s getting awfully tempting to bite the bullet and restore the system to its 1½-yr-old pristine state. I might even back up a few things first ;)