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English citations of ReHi

  • 2000 August 14, <>, "(OT) ReHi",, Usenet,
    Hello everyone. A little while ago, I posted here, under the evil evil name of borg_norn, then I left crappy Uncovered, and became FishGal. I would just like to say, that I have decided to scare you all once more, in these happy halls that are a.g.c, by posting again. [] So, ReHi everyone :)
  • 2004 February 13, "Lissi" <>, "Just a ReHi", alt.hacker, Usenet,
    Yes, I'm back :) *hugs* to those who worried.

English citations of rehi

  • 1998 September 5, Erik H. Hofmeister <>, "Introduction and Rehi!",, Usenet,
    Hello to everyone on the newsgroup! Some of you may remember me from this past Spring.
  • 2000 June 18, "peaceofheart" <>, "rehi, ready to go again",, Usenet,
    i've enjoyed following the adventures of AS3 while lurking.
  • 2001 January 19, "Javacrucian" <>, "rehi, been awhile", alt.atheism, Usenet,
    Hey all! I know it's been a long time since I last posted.
  • 2005 April 1, Anthony Boyd <>, "rehi after long absence, and a request", misc.writing, Usenet,
    My first time back in m.w in I think 7 years, and the group still seems buried in flamewars, trolls, and spam. [] Anyway, rehi all. It's been a long time. I wonder if there are any familiar faces still around...?
  • 2005 August 18, nina stössinger <>, "rehi.", rec.arts.bodyart, Usenet,
    is this thing on?
    so ..
    hi, rab.
    it's been a while.

English citations of reHi

  • 2001 December 11, nina stoessinger <>, "reHi! i need some feedback",, Usenet,
    hi ADG! i posted here a few times a while ago, but would be very surprised if anyone actually remembers me.