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English citations of ridibund

prone to laughter[edit]

  • 1863: Christoph Friedrich Grieb, A Dictionary of the English and German Languages, page 531, “Lachfrosch”
    La<froſ<, m. laughing or ridibund
  • 1931: Norman Douglas, Summer Islands: Ischia and Ponza, page 19 (Desmond Harmsworth)
    If Ischia could procure a well-regulated outlet after the manner of Stromboli, this danger might be averted and a more ridibund race of mortals evolved.
  • 1978: Evan Esar, The Comic Encyclopedia: A Library of the Literature and History of Humor Containing Thousands of Gags, Sayings, and Stories, page 375 (Doubleday; →ISBN, 9780385062053)
    The ridibund bumpkin in Yiddish jokelore is a hypergelast.

a species epithet[edit]

  • 1984: Acta Embryologiae et Morphologiae Experimentalis, volume 5, page 36 (Halocynthia Association)
    As a second step we have studied the effects of different photoperiods on growth in D. pictus and R. ridibund tadpoles.