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English citations of roflcopter

2005, Austin Pecora, “lan party”, in Carroll CompSci, UsenetCompSci/browse_thread/thread/c3085cf303a15236:
roflcopter^max thats not his real email...thats from family guy
2006, Jim, “OT (sort of): BSA calling for software spies.”, in comp.os.linux.advocacy, Usenet[1]:
> So how /do/ you get the CO2 to stay in the casings while you seat the bullets for the 9mm ammo anyway? :)
FTWHR, I'm talking about air weapons - serious cartridge weapons are unbelievably hard to get one's hands on in the UK, even on ticket.
2006, 夜クローラー, “Google poster status”, in, Usenet[2]:
Araxen: Why don't you n00bs get a real isp that has a Usenet server.
=夜クローラー: roflcopter
2007, That Chilean Guy, “Grand Designs would make a killer opening tune on this tour”, in, Usenet[3]:
> PRR - agree or disagree, that made me trip on my lolerskates on the way to the roflcopter.
2008, PV, “Any reason to keep old bridle?”, in, Usenet[4]:
Two days at most if you've got netherwing unlocked. I recently put my third 70 into the air (roflcopter!), so I'm doing dailies for a bit. 1 hour this morning, 140g.