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English citations of roundrect

Noun: "a rectangle with rounded corners"[edit]

1988 2007 2011
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  • 1988 — Tay Vaughan, Using HyperCard: From Home to HyperTalk, Que Corp. (1988), ↑ISBN, page 384:
    Notice that the last command sets the button's rectangle so that its height is appropriate for a roundrect button (22 pixels high).
  • 2007 — Rob Beschizza, "Intel Touts Toys of Future At Conference", Wired, 21 September 2007:
    The iPhone is, officially, King of Design: when even Intel is mirroring your new roundrect bezels, you have won that particular game.
  • 2011 — Matt Neuburg, Programming iOS 4: Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Development, O'Reilly Media (2011), ↑ISBN, page 512:
    In this example of a UITableViewCellStyleDefault cell, I shrink the image and center it in the image view, supply a gray gradient as the cell's background, and put a roundrect border around the cell (Figure 21-3): []
  • 2011Mastering Photoshop for Web Designers, Volume 2, Smashing Media GmbH (2011), ↑ISBN, page 10:
    Experienced Photoshop users will probably already know one or two ways to draw a roundrect.