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English citations of salicide

  1. chemistry, obsolete?
    • 1849, Robert Kane, Elements of Chemistry[1]:
      The impure oil of spiraea is purified by adding potash, by which the light oil is separated, and salicide of potassium formed, which, when acted on by sulphuric acid, yields the salicide of hydrogen pure.
    • 1901, Interstate Druggist, volume 2, page 208:
      The greater part of the portion of the residue not attracted by the magnet consists mostly of iron sulphide, salicide, and carbide. The salicide is found both in crystalline and amorphus form.
    • 1907, Bulletin of the American Academy of Medicine, volume 8, page 457:
      It was until very lately the hardest known substance in the world, but now we are told that two substances — they are the boride and salicide of titanium, produced artificially from titanium by a French chemist, named Moissan — are harder.