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English citations of sedecuple

  • 1744–1749, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (in correspondence with John Bernoulli), “Commercium Literarum” (1696 January), quoted in translation in The Royal Society of London’s Philoſophical Tranſactions (From the Year 1743, to the Year 1750), ed. John Martyn, volume 10 (1756), by James Jurin in his “Dynamical Principles, or Metaphyſical Principles of Mechanicks”, on page 184
    If for duple we had ſubſtituted triple, quadruple, quintuple, &c. the action would have come out noncuple, ſedecuple, 25ple; and generally it appears, that equable, equitemporaneous, moving actions, are to equal moveable, as the ſquares of the velocities; or, which is the ſame thing, that in the ſame or an equal body, the forces are in a duplicate ratio of the velocities.
  • 1965, Edward Grant [tr.], “Part I of Nicole Oresme’s Algorismus proportionum” in Isis (History of Science Society), volume 56, ed. George Sarton, page 333
    As an example, let us take a ratio which is two-thirds of a quadruple[.] Since 2 is the numerator…, we shall have one-third of a quadruple ratio squared…, namely…a sedecuple ratio[.]
  • 1966, Nicole Oresme [aut.] and Edward Grant [tr.], De proportionibus proportionum and Ad pauca respicientes (University of Wisconsin Press), page 169
    In the second way, it is divisible into unequal rational ratios, any of which would be a part or parts. Not every one is divisible in this way, but some surely are, as…a sedecuple ratio into an octuple and double where the double is one-fourth…and the octuple is three-fourths.
  • 1967, Charles P. Poole, Electron Spin Resonance: A Comprehensive Treatise on Experimental Techniques (Interscience Publishers), page 544
    Gozzini and Iannuzzi (1960) proposed the use of sixteen microwave spectrometer systems connected in parallel and fed by the same source[. …] It is interesting to note that this sedecuple arrangement did not burgeon forth from an opulent American laboratory.