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English citations of shapesmith and shape-smith


  • 1715, Samuel Garth, Claremont:
    Not yet broad eye-brows were redue'd by paste; / No shape-smith set up shop, and drove a trade / To mend the work wise Providence had made [...].
  • a 1719, Samuel Garth, Claremont, The works of Sir Samuel Garth edition, published 1769, page 92:
    Not yet lead-comb was on the toilet plac'd; Not yet broad eye-brows were reduc'd by paste: / No shape-smith set up shop, and drove a trade / To mend the work wise providence had made

person that helps an individual improve their physical shape or fitness; a personal trainer or gym instructor[edit]


  • 1809, Elizabeth Thomas, Monte Video: or, The officer's wife and her sister, volume 1, page 215:
    ... there is no man less attentive to them than I am; I have never put this delectable person of mine under a shape-smith
  • 1900, George C W Warr, The Oresteia of Aeschylus, page 12:
    Because love is no more, that was the shape-smith of her comely statues, their amorous eyes are void and loathly.
  • 1916, Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, The Prose Edda: Or, Younger Edda, translation of original by Snorri Sturluson, page 156:
    He answered thus: 'Skalds do call me Vidurr's Shape-Smith, Gautr's Gift-Finder, Bard not faulty, Yggr's Ale-Bearer, Song's Arrayer, Skilled Smith of Verse: What is the Skald but this?'