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English citations of shuttlecock

  • 1696, Nicole, Pierre, Moral Essayes, Contain'd in Several Treatises on Many Important Duties, OL 15028288M, page 237:
    It is a Veſſel which muſt be filled with Sand to ballance it, otherwiſe it will overturn, and become the Shuttlecock of all ſort of Winds.
  • 1851, Melville, Herman, Moby-Dick, OL 6984724M, ch. 123:
    In a severe gale like this, while the ship is but a tossed shuttlecock to the blast, it is by no means uncommon to see the needles in the compasses, at intervals, go round and round.
  • 1859, Landells, Ebenezer, The Boy's Own Toy-maker, OL 20577707M, page 122:
    The practice of the game in this country is to keep the shuttlecock in the air by striking it from one person to another.
  • 1862 - General Halleck to General Burnside, Official Records, s.1, vol.21, page 891
    They [i.e. the Confederates] are trying to make you play the game of shuttlecock, by sending troops backward and forward to Harper's Ferry.
  • 1897, James, Henry, What Maisie Knew, OL 7150009M, ch. 2:
    Crudely as they had calculated they were at first justified by the event: she was the little feathered shuttlecock they could fiercely keep flying between them.
  • 1906, Nesbit, Edith, The Railway Children, OL 6975067M, ch. 11:
    Bobbie burned the feathers of the shuttlecock one by one under his nose,
  • 1997, C. K. Scott-Moncrieff (tr.), Swann's Way, translation of À la recherche du temps perdu: Du côté de chez Swann by Marcel Proust, page 460:
    ... in front of which a little girl with reddish hair was playing with a shuttlecock;
  • 2012 August 3, “Badminton's black eye”, in Los Angeles Times[1], ISSN 0458-3035:
    So when eight women players from three Asian countries did something not quite cricket at the London Olympics, it hit the cloistered organization that oversees the sport like a shuttlecock slam to the groin.