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English citations of skirtini

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  • 2002 — "Making a Splash", Wichita Eagle, 6 May 2002:
    The top two sellers in the Fashion Bug line are the bright, floral tankini and the black skirtini, a two-piece skirted suit.
  • 2002 — Barbara De Witt, "Suit Yourself," Daily News of Los Angeles, 9 May 2002:
    [] And this season, the top is even longer ... and then there's the newest variation called a skirtini, which is a tank top with a short skirt."
  • 2002 — Francine Parnes, "Bikinis Aren't for Everyone", Newsday, 17 June 2002:
    At It Figures!, another Manhattan company doing plus-size swimwear, the skirtini is the big trend right now, says company president Patricia Byrnes Kane.
  • 2003 — LaMont Jones, "Day at the Beach", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6 April 2003:
    For example, Liz Claiborne Swimwear launches the "skirtini," a two-piece swimsuit with a sarong-style short skirt that doubles as a swimsuit and a cover-up in sizes 8-16.
  • 2003 — "Suit yourself", The Pantagraph, 29 April 2003:
    Jean Sterman, a Milwaukee-based buyer for Bergner's Department Store, agrees the skirted look, which she calls a "skirtini," is a good fit.
  • 2003 — Hyla Sabesin Finn, "Dressing-room doom", Chicago Tribune, 21 September 2003:
    My "no" pile huge, my "maybes" minuscule, I head out in search of reinforcements. Maybe I should settle for a skirtini?
  • 2004 — Judy Gordon, "Beat the heat with this sizzling beachwear",, 10 June 2004:
    It’s a skirt … it’s a bathing suit bottom … it’s a skirtini! Meet one of the hottest swimwear trends — the tiny swim skirt that’s either a separate piece to match your swimsuit, or one that’s built right into a bikini bottom.
  • 2004 — "Real women have curves", Oakland Tribune, 21 June 2004:
    Women who don't want to bare anything in that area might choose a skirtini, a suit with a skirt, by Liz Claiborne.
  • 2005 —Tanika White, "Flirty Skirts", The Baltimore Sun, 15 May 2005:
    "There was a lot of swimsuits that looked like dresses and skirts, so when you think about skirtinis in that sense, yes it seems old ... but the skirtini is a bit shorter than the average skirt. So it's very feminine. You don't feel like you're wearing anything big."
  • 2005 —Nada Manley, "Beauty & the Beach", Daytona Beach News-Journal, 17 May 2005:
    Two new terms to know: the skirtini, which features a bikini top and a small, skirted bottom, and the bandini, which hovers between a bikini and a tankini.
  • 2005 —Jean Scheidnes, "Swimsuit issue without skin -- hope it won't tankini", Austin American-Statesman, 26 May 2005:
    There are countless magazine articles and style guides that say things like, "To minimize hips, try a skirtini."
  • 2005 —Candy Williams, "Mixing and matching swimsuits can benefit any body shape", Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 27 May 2005:
    A halter neckline tankini top can be paired with a skirtini bottom or boy shorts for a fun variation, he says.
  • 2005 —Ana Veciana-Suarez, "Swimsuit shopping barely bearable", Houston Chronicle, 29 June 2005:
    In the summer, instead of worrying about our 401Ks and spiritual well being, we begin to hyperventilate about how to look our best in so little. Not easy, this. One piece or two? Floral or solid? Double strap or halter top? Skirtini or thong?
  • 2008 —"Suit yourself", Sacramento Bee, 18 June 2008:
    However, if you're tired of your tankini or your one-piece or your bikini, another option is Lands' End's "skirtini," from its new Isola Collection. The skirtini provides midriff coverage on top but, instead of a bikini bottom, you get a separate skirt and built-in panty -- all for about $70.
  • 2010 —Elizabeth Wellington, "Slimsuits to help you tuck in that tummy", Philadelphia Inquirer, 21 May 2010:
    And these are even more forgiving, featuring four types of bottoms: bikini, full coverage, a high-rise bottom, and a skirtini - a skirt on a bikini bottom (fashion has a thing for inventing new words).
  • 2011 —Jane Broughton, "Beat the swimwear blues",, 27 October 2011:
    Look for a skirtini, which is similar to a tankini but features a skirted bottom with bikini underneath.