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  1. Appearing in a manner similar to that of a skull.
    • 1940. Demetrios A. Michaelarmos. Athene. Page 13: Ghika is a tall and lean gentleman with a skulllike head and a tiny brown mustache over a mouth of widely-spaced teeth.
    • 1984. Curtis Hudson. Great Preaching on the Resurrection: Seventeen Messages. Page 112: "Many have not seen any reason why this strange skulllike cliff face could not have been present in our Lord's day."
    • 1994. Buffie Johnson. Lady of the Beasts: The Goddess and her Sacred Animals. Page 236: "From the artistic jewelry of pagan France, a golden belt buckle displays a figure whose skulllike face is indicative of the Goddess of Death."
    • 2003. Laurie Wilson. Alberto Giacometti: Myth, Magic, and the Man. Page 236: "With his bald, skulllike head, wasp waist, and fleshless body, the figure resembles a Holocaust survivor."
    • 2005. N. D. Hansen-Hill. Light Play. Page 99: "This creature was frayed and skeletal — its skulllike visage and gaping mouth patchily dressed in shreds of flesh..."
    • 2007. Donald Tyson and Anne Strokes. Necronomicon Tarot Kit. Page 94: "His cheeks are so hollow and his face so pale, she has a skulllike appearance."