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English citations of space docking

  • 1999 May 26, Charles Daniels, “Serial DDD - Infernal”, rec.arts.drwho, Usenet
    the crazy disco banjo music used during the thrilling space docking scenes in Ambassadors of Sex was destroyed
  • 2005 July, The Aristocrats, Paul Provenza (director), THINKFilm
    Space docking, where you take a shit in a girl's pussy: I don't think anyone has.
  • 2006 August 29, “Zukiman”, “I FREEZE MY FECAL LOGS AND PLEASURE MY WIFE WITH THEM”, alt.politics, Usenet
    Space docking is a term for either of two sexual acts, both of which involve feces.... While it is often assumed that space docking and other outrageous sexual maneuvers, such as the donkey punch, existed only in fiction, graphic video footage of space docking is available