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English citations of spider strap

Noun: "a system of connected straps"[edit]

  • 1908, United States Cavalry Association, Journal of the United States Cavalry Association, Volume 19[1], page 166:
    A third strap was put around the scabbard just below the mouth, and this strap was fastened to the off rear spider strap.
  • 2005, F+W Publications, Inc., Scuba diving, Issues 7-11[2], page 77:
    The five-point spider strap system is secure and easy to adjust, and removing the maks is as simple as pushing the lower strap buckles forward.
  • 2007, Tony Wells, Black Man Under the Deep Blue Sea: Memoirs of a Black Commercial Diver in Southeast Asia[3], →ISBN, page 193:
    ... and in each case no one seemed to be able to explain how the diver's hat's [sic] had managed to come off of the divers' heads because, not only are they zipped on, they are also held on by a tight rubber spider strap, making it very difficult to remove.
  • 2009, Aidan Duff, The Gentle Way[4], →ISBN, page 108:
    Then, to Lisa's horror, when Chelsea rose she saw that the spider strap fastening on the rug had snapped and that the New Zealand had slipped over her quarters.