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English citations of teahadist

Noun: "(neologism, pejorative) an affiliate of the Tea Party movement, particularly an overzealous one"[edit]

2010 2011 2012
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  • 2010 September 24, Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names [username], “Newt Gingrich is sinkng as low as Glenn Beck -- and that's low”, in alt.politics, Usenet[1]:
    Well, Newt Gingrich -- who recently accused the President of the United States of exhibiting "Kenyan anti-colonial" behavior -- has been betting that it will require selling your soul to the devil in a desperate attempt to appeal to teahadist lunatics.
  • 2010 October 14, Clave, “Re: OT: Sorry, but O'Donnell is an airhead”, in, Usenet[2]:
    A (only lightly fictionalized) synopsis of the debate:
    COONS: What is this crazy teahadist talking about? I made a sarcastic joke in an article for a student newspaper and now she thinks I'm a Stalinist? What a lunatic!
  • 2011 April 7, Harryk, “Re: Shut it down and kill the parasites”, in, Usenet[3]:
    Just another crazy teahadist who hates America.
  • 2011 May 23, Harryk, “Re: Is Obama Muslim?”, in, Usenet[4]:
    If you are trying to increase the number of those who think you an uneducated, ignorant, ill-informed teahadist, you are succeeding.
  • 2011 June 15, REDRUM KILGORE [username], “Re: WHY DOES OZ HATE AMERICA???”, in, Usenet[5]:
    You're a hater alright, Ozzie -- a typical ignorant, knuckle dragging teahadist -- like Bachmann and Palin.
  • 2011 August 1, Bill Baker, “Re: Haskell Breaks His Hand”, in, Usenet[6]:
    Figures a teahadist would define jingoism as love of country.
  • 2011 August 6, Ray Fischer, “Re: More Obama Spending Won’t Do It and Stocks Know It”, in alt.politics.liberalism, Usenet[7]:
    The anti-American teahadist screeches in outrage that Obama dares to cut taxes in order to help veterans.
  • 2011 September 20, REDRUM KILGORE [username], “Re: More Funny Stuff From The Obama White House? It's good to see President Obama finally giving up on any attempt at compromise with teahadists!”, in, Usenet[8]:
    It's good to see President Obama finally giving up on any attempt at compromise with teahadists!
  • 2011 November 16, Aardvark [username], “Re: The 1% are all heart)”, in alt.usenet.kooks, Usenet[9]:
    Of course, you'll never understand, being the brain-dead teahadist you are, and oppose democracy in any form.
  • 2011 November 18, §nühw¤£f [username], “Re: Sound cannons?”, in 24hoursupport.helpdesk, Usenet[10]:
    wtf??? you mean: if yer *not* a tea party loon. how many fucking piccys were there of gun toting teahadists with threatening signs about Obama strolling about at so-called tea party events??? did the cops arrest those fuckers?
  • 2012 January 11, liberal [username], “Re: The Radical Agenda of Republicans”, in alt.politics.republicans, Usenet[11]:
    Ummm, just cuz a liberal and a teahadist might agree as to what time it is, that doesn't mean the insanity of the teahadist philosophy is catchy like the flu.
  • 2012 January 28, §nühw¤£f [username], “Uh oh...”, in 24hoursupport.helpdesk, Usenet[12]:
    Looks like the data is in! Proof that idiots grow up to be teahadists
  • 2012 July 14, Ramon F. Herrera, “Re: VP Job Now For Minority Appeasement?”, in alt.religion.christian, Usenet[13]:
    My Miami amigos tell me that Jeb Bush plans to run on that platform, will ride to rescue the GOP from the teahadists, atop his brown horse in 2016.