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English citations of telestial

1835 1979 1981 1997
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  • 1979 February, Richard H. Cracroft, “Mirthright: My Most Unforgettable Funeral”, in Ensign[1], page 29:
    “Dr. Brown,” gasped the astonished speaker, his face turning a telestial red, “I thought you had. … I—I—thought you were …” and his voice trailed off to a long gasp.
  • 1981 February, Steve Dunn Hanson, “What to Do with Adversity”, in Ensign[2], page 54:
    Possessing telestial bodies, living among telestial people, and having telestial knowledge and wisdom naturally bring difficulties, problems, and frustrations.
  • 1997 August, Quentin L. Cook, “The Message: Saturday-Morning Cartoons”, in New Era[3], volume 27, page 4:
    In essence we let celestial goals get sidetracked by telestial distractions.