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English citations of testeria

  • 1972 Winter, Loesch, Julia, “Testeria and Penisolence—A Scourge to Humankind”, in Aphra: The Feminist Literary Magazine[1], volume 4, number 1, ISSN 0003-6447, page 41:
    This crippled emotional condition found in males, which I call ‘testeria’... accounts in part for the ability of the male ruling class to efficiently, calmly and maturely carry out planetary catastrophe.
  • 1987, Bitch[2], number 18:
    I'm not a believer in Conspiracy Theories, but sometimes, I think men (you know...MEN) are susceptible to unfortunate bouts of Testeria, an unpleasant condition caused by an over-production of testosterone that makes them, well, anyway... At times testeria seems to be epidemic.
  • 1994 Autumn, Saint-Aubin, Arthur Flannigan, “Testeria: The Dis-ease of Black Men in White Supremacist, Patriarchal Culture”, in Callaloo, volume 17, number 4, JSTOR 2932171, pages 1055:
    As I “flesh out,” so to speak, this notion, testeria seems to be a more appropriate name for this symptomatic formation because, as will become clear in my subsequent discussion, it allows me to use the male body as metaphor without denying or affirming the primacy of the phallus. By entering the “testes” into the male equation and into the generation of metaphors, I want to suggest a metaphoric connection between the form and function of the male body, or rather of a particular black male body, and articulations/representations of black masculinity.
  • 1997 January 12, Gallagher, Robyn, “Re: Open Letter to Human Rights Commission”, in nz.general, Usenet[3], message-ID <>:
    Look, you're obviously suffering from testeria. Why don't you lie down, put your feet up, and have a nice hot cup of tea. Honestly, such opinions from such a nice gentleman. Don't worry, you can't help it that you're a male, so until your testeria has subsided, just don't say anything, ok dear?
  • 2001 January 29, Ryan, Kiernan, “‘The Malcontent’: hunting the letter”, in Wharton, T. F., editor, The Drama of John Marston: Critical Re-Visions, Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, OL 7750209M, page 151:
    The male hysteric commands the same complement of symptoms as his female counterpart, but gives them a spin distinctive enough to lead some feminist critics to employ the term ‘testeria’ to define the condition as displayed by men.
  • 2003 September 26, oiorpata, “Re: poor bloke”, in uk.rec.sheds, Usenet[4], message-ID <>:
    Nah, I reckon it's all one of those mass testeria thingies, where someone starts saying they're not seeing owt, and then afore you know it we've lost the wotsit.
  • 2004 May 13, Cale, C. W., “Re: What's your story?”, in rec.arts.mystery, Usenet[5], message-ID <>:
    When he returned hours later he was all hearts and flowers, apologizing profusely for his earlier bout of mild testeria.
  • 2007 November 16, Baxter, Lynne F.; MacLeod, Alasdair M., (Please provide the book title or journal name), Routledge, →ISBN, OL 10204145M, page 108:
    The demeanor of the support unit's boss seemed more consistent with testeria, and his allocation of the prize to an intangible project had more to do with choosing the audience to whom he was performing.
  • 2009 April 21, Monbiot, George, “G20 videos won't change the Met”, in The Guardian[6], ISSN 0261-3077:
    It is true that the police appear to have been carried away by testeria (a useful word which describes testosterone-fuelled male rampages).