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English citations of toe-tapper

individual who is homosexual yet closeted regarding sexual orientation[edit]

ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 2007 September 18, Jody May-Chang, “Justice Dept. has guidebook to public sex”, in[1]:
    The US Department of Justice has a handy guide for police to focus on when attempting to bust the next toe tapper or washroom wanker.
  • 2007 October 27, sharkman, “Dumbledore's Gay”, in[2]:
    So anyway, hopefully the author will also clear up the issue of whether Dumbledore has a wide stance in bathroom stalls and if he's a toe tapper.
  • 2007 December 12, David, “No fucking way”, in[3]:
    Any bets he is an accomplished toe-tapper in the synagogue bathrooms?
  • 2008 February 14, g1r8c7c6#702696, “Hola, Hillary”, in[4]:
    It was nice to use the public restroom at the Hillary event. I didn't have to worry about a republican toe-tapper being in the next stall.
  • 2009 September 7, xavierob82, “VA GOP GOV Candidate Caught by his Family Values”, in[5]:
    Yeah, just like George "Mr. Macaca" Allen destroyed Jim Webb in '06. This race is still quite a way aways, and nothing gets Northern Virginia liberals out to the polls in full force faster than GOP nutjobs still peddling phony "cultural" issues and supposed "family values". This guy McDonnel, in fact, sounds like a bonafide bathroom stall toe-tapper.
  • 2009 September 7, Charlie Barret, “The Mean Girls Appreciation thread”, in[6]:
    Do I foresee some toe tapping going on in here?
  • 2010 January 28, Strange People, “Letters: GOP win sends strong message”, in[7]:
    Like the Repub that was chasing Boy Pages, the homosexual toe tapper, the many that had affairs or even the "Duke" in prison for stealing (only to name four of many scandels), the Republicans have a problem with their sexual drive, morals and ethics.
  • 2010 April 18, aristotle, “Sneaking a lesbian onto the Supreme Court”, in[8]:
    Look, if you got a toe-tapper in the stall next to yourself, just run.
  • 2010 June 25, madame, “Homo-eroticism. Not what you think it is”, in[9]:
    Like the bathroom stall toe tapper Governor or Senator in the US – those that protest the loudest are probably the gayest, or certainly the least comfortable with their own ‘heterosexuality’.
  • 2010 August 26, hill b. nut, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, in[10]:
    Letting him have a hand in gay politics right now is a little akin to letting the fox too near the henhouse. Or in terms that Republicans can understand, it's a little like letting the toe-tapper too near the airport bathroom stall.
  • 2010 October 1, James Hutchins, “Re: Hi - I am Definitely NOT a homosexual”, in[11]:
    Glad to here it. Nothing were than stall toe tapper from a truck stop who wants little more than to defile his body and spill his seed on the face of man.
  • 2011 October 27, Formally Abducted, “Joe the Plumber plans big news on bid for Congress”, in[12]:
    Hmmmm....he could gain alot of support if he turns around with his back to the audience during speech's(can he talk other than soundbites?)and bends over and works that butt crack thing like my plumber does, yeah! he'll fit right in with bathroom stall toe tapper and nature boy who enjoys long "hikes", so work it joe,work that booty good,otherwise its back to that plunger.
  • 2011 November 14, iamwil, “Re: J. Edgar Hoover--American Hero”, in[13]:
    But I sure do think it funny how you all got your thongs in a twist though...same way when you lost Carey Grant and our lavatory stall toe tapper?
  • 2011 December 20, __Bonk__, “Boobs”, in[14]:
    He is a toe tapper for sure. Not that there is anything wrong about that