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English citations of tweep

Noun: "a chirp or beep"[edit]

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  • 1995 — John Wynne, The Listener's Guide to Audio Books: Reviews, Recommendations, and Listings for More Than 2,000 Titles, Fireside (1995), ISBN 0684802392, page 321:
    The readers are Star Trek cast members, and the sound is enhanced with authentic, Enterprise-sounding beeps and tweeps.
  • 2005Peter Benchley, Shark Life: True Stories About Sharks & the Sea, Yearling (2007), ISBN 9780440419549, page 141:
    The clicks, whistles, and tweeps, I learned later, were the whales discussing us.
  • 2006 — John A . Fischer, The Flight of the Blackbird, iUniverse (2006), ISBN 9780595406920, page 237:
    And for a moment, the odd chirps and tweeps about them did not register.
  • 2008 — Eric W. Bragg, The Midnight Blade of Sonic Honey, Oyster Moon Press (2008), ISBN 9781435714281, page 106:
    Many of the neighboring birds had already begun their preliminary chirps, sending out those quirky little twits and tweeps that announce their presence []
  • 2010 — Ken Lauter, Songs from Walnut Canyon, Xlibris (2010), ISBN 9781453593707, page 11:
    As we approached the rim, a series of piercing notes floated up from below — loud, resounding tweeps — probably a jay or a crow.

Verb: "to chirp or beep"[edit]

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ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1992Philippa Gregory, Alice Hartley's Happiness, Harper (2009), ISBN 9780006514657, page 107:
    Birds tweeped approvingly in the trees above her head.
  • 1996Lauraine Snelling, A New Day Rising, Bethany House Publishers (1996), ISBN 9780764201929, unnumbered page:
    A bird tweeped and twittered on a thistle by the side of the trail.
  • 1999Laura Kalpakian, Steps and Exes: A Novel of Family, Bard (1999), ISBN 9780380977673, page 103:
    No ubiquitous telephones, no fax machines or computers burping and tweeping and chirping their electronic chirps.
  • 2001Ted Dekker & Bill Bright, Blessed Child, Thomas Nelson (2001), ISBN 9780849945137, page 283:
    Her phone tweeped and she unfolded it.
  • 2003 — Briana Bryant, "The Beauty of Life", in Student Bylines: Anthology, Volume 1 (eds. Susan Daniels & Seth Vincent), Writers Club Press (2003), ISBN 0595271332, page 118:
    A tiny bird tweeps in its nest, a small smile creeps over my face as a dainty buttercup grins up at me, its mellow butter alighting my face with sunshine.

Verb: "(euphemistic) to kill; to assassinate"[edit]

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  • 1978Jim Hougan, Spooks: The Haunting of America — The Private Use of Secret Agents, William Morrow and Company Inc. (1978), ISBN 9780688033552, page 276:
    Because the order to "tweep" the major came from the American command, they could have been executed for refusing to carry it out.
  • 1997William B. Breuer, Vendetta!: Fidel Castro and the Kennedy Brothers, John Wiley (1997), ISBN 9780471184560:
    Robert Maheu, tough, astute, dynamic, was the perfect professional to implement the CIA scheme to tweep Fidel Castro.
  • 2008 — Allan "Lucky" Cole, Lucky in Cyprus: A True Story About a Teacher, a Boy, an Earthquake, Some Terrorists and the CIA, page 127:
    [] If I was Stalin I wouldn't stand so tall at the next May Day Parade. Liable to get himself tweeped."
    Lucky knew that "tweep" was agency talk for "Terminate With Extreme Prejudice" — an order of a sanctioned assassination.

Noun: "(Internet, slang) a Twitter user"[edit]

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  • 2009 — Kevin Makice, Twitter API: Up and Running, O'Reilly Media (2009), ISBN 9780596154615, page 163:
    The format and response are the same as for the follow request, except you are removing rather than adding a tweep.
  • 2010 — Maria Azua, The Social Factor: Innovate, Ignite, and Win Through Mass Collaboration and Social Networking, IBM Press (2010), ISBN 9780137018901, page 167:
    When you establish a Twitter network, you can even use a tool called "Mr. Tweet" that analyzes your network and suggests other "tweeps" — another name for Twitter users — you might be interested in following.
  • 2011David Javerbaum (writing as God), The Last Testament: A Memoir, Simon & Schuster (2011), ISBN 9781451640182, page 305:
    As astute tweeps will observe, I myself only follow one other person, the one thou callest "Justin Bieber"; []
  • 2011Jonathon Keats, Virtual Words: Language on the Edge of Science and Technology, Oxford University Press (2011), ISBN 9780195398540, page 95:
    And it is against this cultural backdrop that Twitter has come closest to alienating its tweeps.
  • 2011 — Jessica Rudd, Ruby Blues, The Text Publishing Company (2011), ISBN 9781921921070, unnumbered page:
    'Tweeps want a more active role in democracy and as the medium expands it's become more representative of public opinion — not just the chattering classes. []
  • 2012Sarah-Jayne Gratton & Dean Anthony Gratton, Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses, Pearson Education, Inc., ISBN 9780789748003, page 192:
    For brands, tweeting under their brand names can make sense, but they should add the name of the "human" tweep somewhere, ideally in the profile (like "Nikita is tweeting for