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English citations of tweetdom

Noun: "the world of Twitter; Twitter users collectively"[edit]

2009 2010 2011 2012
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  • 2009 — Tracy Williams, "Twitter me this", Picayune Item, 8 July 2009:
    The Twitter mania has reached the upper crust of society such as Queen Elizabeth and our own American royalty Barbara Walters who plugs her work via the tweetdom universe.
  • 2010 — Jen Doll, "The Kal Penn Effect Hits Twitter", Village Voice, 29 April 2010:
    Little did tweeps know back on April 19 that the D.C. mugging of one very special member of Harold and Kumar -- and former associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement -- would shake Tweetdom to its core and change everything we thought we knew about social media, garnering 9 percent of links that week.
  • 2010 — Verashni Pillay, "Agliotti's tweet revenge", Mail & Guardian, 10 September 2010:
    And it's no secret who he credits with his foray into tweetdom.
  • 2010 — Jeff Babineau, "In Wales, the tweet sound of silence", Golf Week, 27 September 2010:
    Colin Montgomerie, a non-tweeter, and Corey Pavin, a man of tweetdom with nearly 11,000 followers (@RC_CAPTAIN_2010), have asked their respective squads to suspend all Twitter posts until the Ryder Cup matches conclude.
  • 2010 — Finn Bradshaw, "Fleet St slams scaredy-Brit", Courier Mail, 30 September 2010:
    "Even in the midst of his cosseted, whining tweetdom, Idowu must know that just because the toilets might be cleaner in the London Olympic Village a couple of years hence, that doesn't mean the 2012 Games won't be a target."
  • 2011 — Debra J. Saunders, "California GOP lawmakers — what they want", San Francisco Chronicle, 26 March 2011:
    Friday night, tweetdom was full of the news that GOP lawmakers had presented Gov. Jerry Brown with a list of what spokesman Gil Duran called — and others reported as — a list of "53 issues."
  • 2011Gerard Henderson, "Sectarian rant against Abbott is full of holes, despite QC's excitement", Sydney Morning Herald, 4 October 2011:
    Not surprisingly, the tweetdom interpreted Burnside's comment as linking the Catholic Abbott with the paedophile scandal in sections of the Catholic Church.
  • 2012 — "Tweetless chief", Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 19 April 2012:
    On balance, we think it's a good thing that the chief has exited tweetdom, and, in time, we think the chief will agree.