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English citations of ungoogleable

Adjective: "alternative spelling of unGoogleable"[edit]

2010 2012
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  • 2010 — Greg McKevitt, "Should phones be banned from pub quizzes?", BBC News, 4 March 2010:
    In the first such event last November in Soho's Coach and Horses, participants were asked the ungoogleable question, "agtaq gufnx mbvrp eselx vurnm xsmqc aqzxa gakro altam yrvtn tpqzy vgnbx nofqw gonov?"
  • 2010 — Celina Murphy, "Don't Feel Like Danson", Hot Press, 7 April 2010:
    The ungoogleable rockers admit that plans for a physical release of Chariot are still very much up in the air, []
  • 2012Andrew Orlowski, "Google must channel SOPA rage again – against your privacy", The Register, 27 January 2012:
    "If Google makes every person with the first name 'John' ungoogleable for a day, and if online retailers refuse to access cookie data for a day, and if content providers double the amount of advertising for a day, pressure can build before the Directive comes to a vote."