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English citations of unhug

Verb: (transitive) to stop hugging[edit]

  • 1985, Dave Bowring, Bowhunting for Whitetails, 1992 edition, ISBN 081173076X, page 57 [1]:
    He often chooses slender trees as stand sites, and every time a slight breeze blows the tree, the stand and bowhunter go swaying back and forth like the tail on a friendly dog. I've seldom been willing to unhug the tree long enough to draw and shoot out of one of these homemade stands, for fear of taking a header over the side [] .
  • 2010, Tamara Leigh, Nowhere, Carolina, ISBN 1601422859, page 228 [2]:
    Tentative relief unfurling, I unhug my knees.
  • 2010, Suzanne Young, So Many Boys, ISBN 9781101442135, chapter four [3]:
    The first warning bell rang. "Dang it!" Kira said, promptly unhugging me.

Verb: (intransitive) to stop hugging[edit]

  • 1992, Ron Dakron, Newt, Black Heron Press, ISBN 0930773195, page 115 [4]:
    And they hug but both look at walls. She's glad he's not pressing. For info or clues. Newt's so mad he's not. Uh huh. Robbed and fucking lectured. Killer cars. Let's laugh, let's hug. Typical. Fuck this. "You mind if I go walk for a second?" he unhugs. "I mean outside. I just gotta take a hike and walk this off."
  • 2000 March 18, Tina <>, "Longer SPOILER for 622...", message-ID <>,, Usenet [5]:
    BW turns around and wants C to hug him. They do. (3 takes again, third one C didn;t mind as much). Anyway, they unhug. Joey walks in and BW immediately goes and gives Joey a big hug.
  • 2000, Arthur Nersesian, Manhattan Loverboy, Akashic, ISBN 1888451092, page 199 [6]:
    A desperately unoccupied cabby screeched to a halt, unsummoned, compelling us to unhug.

Verb: (unclear if transitive or intransitive) to stop hugging[edit]

  • 2004 June 21, Ashikaga <citizenashi(a)>, "Re: Why is this place quite dead the last couple days?", message-ID <at3ugkvvz7y4$.hex76ztq0l94$>,, Usenet [7]:
    (*hugs*) You are back! How is everything?
    *waits patiently while Ashikaga hugs him*
    (*looks away*)
    Better than you can possibly imagine, thank you.
    (*unhugs*) That's nice to hear.  :-) So will there be a party?  :-D

Verb: (transitive) to effect the release of (someone) from a hug[edit]

  • 2000, Dan Greenburg, The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot, ISBN 9781101078495, chapter 1 [8]:
    I managed to unhug myself from Dad and say goodbye.

Verb: (transitive) to effect the release of (someone)'s grasp[edit]

  • 1890, Michael Field, The Tragic Mary, act I [9]:
    To think a female should unhug my grip
    of heritage and spoil!
  • 2006, Reg Down, Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant, ISBN 1412080711, page 68 [10]:
    That's why it is so hard to unhug a lichen from a rock.