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English citations of unicorn barf

  • 2015, Jenni Wiltz, The Red Road: A Novel, Decanter Press, →ISBN, page 29:
    The vanilla came from a body spray, something cheap and bright that made Emma think of unicorn barf.
  • 2016, Aleda Powell, The Unicorn Barf Scarf, aleda powell, →ISBN:
    It's not just any scarf. It is the Unicorn Barf Scarf.
  • 2017, K. A. Holt, Gnome-a-geddon, Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 4:
    ..and there are glowing streaks of purple and pink and green on her teeth, on her cheeks, in her hair, and inside her ears. It looks like a unicorn threw up on her face. Which is exactly what I tell her.
“Even with unicorn barf on me, I look better than you do.”