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English citations of web page

Personal page[edit]

  • 2004, Amanda Eyre Ward, Sleep toward heaven, page 127:
    "Dan made me a Web page." "I got a Web page," says Jackie. "What's a Web page?" says Veronica. "Who cares?" says Sharleen.


  • 2003, Harley Sachs, The Mystery Club Solves a Murder‎, page 127:
    What's a web page?" "It's a place on the world wide web. ... Every business has a web page nowadays. Really, Mary, you're so out of date.


  • 2001, Fern Michaels, What You Wish For:
    107: The call had come in just minutes ago from Les, saying Nancy's web page was finished and up and running.
    123: She smiled as her web page came into focus with the shower of white feathers cascading down the screen. She continued to smile as she clicked her mouse to scroll down her limited inventory.
    124: Helen clicked off the web page to check her personal e-mail.
    167: Helen stared now at the e-mail glaring at her from her Sassie Lassie web page.
  • 2005, Michel Faber, The Courage Consort‎, page 128:
    Mack held the bottle up close to her face, turning it slowly so the scroll revealed its text like the beginning of a Web page stored in the world's most ancient VDU.
  • 2005, James W. Hall, Forests of the Night‎, page 299:
    "What?" ¶ She was scrolling through an Internet article on her computer. A Web site devoted to genetic disorders. . . . ¶ Charlotte read some more from the Web page.