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English citations of whacky tobaccy

Noun: "(slang) marijuana"[edit]

1977 1989 1990 2005 2006 2007
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1977 — Graeme Ewens, The Cult of the Big Rigs and the Life of the Long Haul Trucker, Chartwell Books (1977), →ISBN, page 114:
    'What kind of loaded you be looking to get?' a voice asks. 'You be looking for some pharmaceuticals, or some of that whacky tobaccy?'
  • 1989 — Daniel G. Baldyga, A Sailor Remembers: His Voyage from Darkness Into Light, Mystic House (1989), →ISBN, page 63:
    He lit a stick of whacky tobaccy and took a solid hit.
  • 1990 — Mordecai Richler, Solomon Gursky Was Here, Penguin Books (1990), →ISBN, page 70:
    Moses usually avoided The Caboose on Friday night, Band Night, which brought out the noisy younger crowd, who were quickly herded into the basement, where — according to Strawberry — they smoked Hi-Test. "You know, whacky tobaccy."
  • 2005 — David Masiel, The Western Limit of the World, Random House (2007), →ISBN, page 63:
    [] anything you couldn't get from the cooks you could get from Beth: every kind of whiskey and smoke on earth, whacky tobaccy, the occasional hashish, prescription drugs, and those weird Indian smokes called bidis that tasted like Turkish tobacco and smelled like a chocolate sundae.
  • 2006 — Kleinboer, Midnight Missionary (trans. Jaco Fouché), Zebra Press (2006; original Afrikaans novel published 2003), →ISBN, page 103:
    Music can be incredibly beautiful on whacky tobaccy.
  • 2006 — Dalyn A. Miller & Larry Donovan, The Daily Cocktail: 365 Intoxicating Drinks and the Outrageous Events That Inspired Them, Fair Winds Press (2006), →ISBN, page 330:
    Sounds like 1969 to us, and no, we're not smokin' the whacky tobaccy.
  • 2007 — Tom Morrisey, In High Places, Bethany House (2007), →ISBN, page 106:
    "Sure," he said. "But if anybody breaks out any beer or whacky tobaccy, you'll stay clear, right?"