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English citations of wiki magic

  • 2006, The Atlantic monthly[1], volume 297-298, Atlantic Monthly Co., page 91:
    Kovitz brought up the wiki and sketched out "wiki magic," the mysterious process by which communities with common interests work to improve wiki pages by incremental contributions.
  • 2006, The Atlantic monthly[2], volume 297-298, Atlantic Monthly Co., page 94:
    They also searched the Web for material they could use to expand my one-line biography. After they were done, the Marshall Poe entry was two paragraphs long and included a good bibliography. Now that's wiki magic.
  • 2006 August 29, Ivan Hanley <>, “Re: Wiki Eurogame entry”, in, Usenet[3], message-ID <>:
    It doesn't really bother me either way but I suppose the 'wiki magic' should smooth over anything that needs it :).
  • 2007, Searcher: the magazine for database professionals[4], volume 15, Learned Information:
    User-generated content, the so- called "wisdom of the crowd," phenomenon continues to work its wiki magic and continues to raise wiki-ed controversy.
  • 2010, Kevin T. McDonald, Above the Clouds: Managing Risk in the World of Cloud Computing, IT Governance Ltd, →ISBN, page 137:
    The Cloud may represent a virtual storefront of data feeds and data products, combined via mashup, open source tinkering and wiki magic to form patterns of data where before there were only raw feeds.