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English citations of word

Noun: "a unit of language with meaning"[edit]

  • 1882, John Stuart Mill, A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive:
    But it is no part of the signification of the word John, that the father of the person so called bore the same name; nor even of the word Dartmouth, to be situated at the mouth of the Dart.
  • 1895, Max Simon Nordau, Degeneration, page 67:
    A word, whether written or spoken, excites a sense (sight or hearing), and sets up an activity in the brain.
  • 1966, Alexander R. Prista, Essential Portuguese grammar, Courier Dover Publications, ISBN 9780486216508, page 6:
    It will help you to expand your Portuguese vocabulary if you remember that many Portuguese words are similar in meaning and appearance to English words.

Noun: "discrete, meaningful unit of language which is approved by some authority"[edit]

  • 1991, Some Questions about Language: A Theory of Human Discourse (ISBN 0812691784):
    If a physical notation is [] not be found in the dictionary of any language, [] it will not be a word.

Noun: "sequence of letters or characters, or sounds (which does not necessarily have meaning)"[edit]

  • 1913, Frederick William Hall, A companion to classical texts, page 155:
    A meaningless word like tetera for cetera (owing to the similarity of c and t in rustic capitals) is bound to arrest the attention of the reader, however careless he be, and is soon corrected by conjecture or by comparison with other copies.

Noun: "Christ"[edit]

Interjection: "abbreviation of word up"[edit]

  • 2004, Shannon Holmes, Never Go Home Again: A Novel, page 218
    " [] Know what I'm sayin'?" / "Word!" the other man strongly agreed. "Let's do this — "
  • 2007, Gabe Rotter, Duck Duck Wally: A Novel, page 105
    " [] Not bad at all, man. Worth da wait, dawg. Word." / "You liked it?" I asked dumbly, stoned still, and feeling victorious. / "Yeah, man," said Oral B. "Word up. [] "
  • 2007, Relentless Aaron The Last Kingpin, page 34
    " [] I mean, I don't blame you... Word! [] "