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English citations of woz

First person singular past indicative of "be"[edit]

  • 1875, Bret Harte, Gabriel Conroy, in The Writings of Bret Harte, page 314
    I was sayin' I woz on the hill, when I heerd vyces, and lookin' out I seed you with a stranger.
  • 1995, Anne Hamilton, Gypsy Bride, page 284
    That I woz, m'lord — that I woz indeed!" growled Gitano in a gravelly dialect from his Gypsy repertoire, [....]
  • 2006, David Osborne, Toby Potts in the Temple of Gloom and Other Adventures of Our Intrepid Hero, page 173
    [...] "why did you wait two days before telling your Mum what Mr. Masters had done to you?" "Yer mean Jack?" "Yes, Jack." "Cos I woz embarrassed."

Third person singular past indicative of "be"[edit]

  • 1983, Harold Talbot Parker, Three Napoleonic Battles, page 107
    'Where's our Arthur?' ... 'Aw wish he woz here.'
  • 2006, Dewey Lambdin, A King's Trade, page 326
    "Andrews woz a foin feller, he woz, always fair an' kindly with us. Sorry we lost him, sor."


  • 2003 May 1, Damien, “ - 138Mb - ok - now it's finally done!!”, in alt.luser.recovery, Usenet[1]:
    If its any prob - not worth the hassle - dont woz! ...