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Conjunction: "(fandom slang) used between the names of two characters to denote a ship, particularly in anime, manga, and video games"[edit]

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  • 1998 August 31, Greg Upchurch, “[Eva][Fanfic] Aright”, in rec.arts.anime.creative, Usenet[1]:
    If there is anyone in the audience who can't stand someone pushing a Shinji x Rei thing, I know you want to quit on this fic now.
  • 2000 April 8, japlush, “[eBay] FFVII doujinshi "Fuga De Jenova"/Cloud x Tifa”, in rec.arts.anime.marketplace, Usenet[2]:
    FFVII doujinshi "Fuga De Jenova"/Cloud x Tifa
  • 2000 July 11, JLMondazzi, “FA: CLAMP,Miyu,FinalFantasy,SMoon,SamuraiTroopers,Recca”, in alt.manga, Usenet[3]:
    Final Fantasy 8: Squall x Rinoa doujinshi
  • 2001 May 2, Trish Leon, “Cool X-Files Bumper sticker”, in, Usenet[4]:
    It was right in front of me, driving *very* slow,spewing out all kinds of horrible fumes. I was about to pull out in front and exercise my god-given right to road-rage..when I saw the bumper sticker. It said MULDER X Scully. Then I looked closer..the "X" was inside of a heart..  !!!!! It was a shipper-sticker!! YAY!!!
  • 2001 October 12, T h r e a d s [username], “Erm, A little help here. I'm new.”, in, Usenet[5]:
    and also any spike x buffy fan fiction archives. the only ones i can find haven't been updated in a year O.o
  • 2002 July 7, Arnold Kim, “Re: Favorite couples??”, in, Usenet[6]:
    I'm a fairly big Angel x Buffy fan, though I'm not a particularly big fan of Angel. They just work well together, IMO.
  • 2003 April 29, sephigirl, “Re: [OT] Character selections was: Re: [POLL] Identification”, in, Usenet[7]:
    Tho' my doujinshi is a Cloud x Sephiroth - yes you read that right - Cloud's name is first. ^^!
  • 2004 September 29, David Pochron, “Re: Ash and Misty: Together again...”, in, Usenet[8]:
    After learning the possible fate of Butterfree, now I'm really giving serious consideration to the possibility that the dub is wrong and the change was made to make us think Misty x Ash together is real, even though it isn't, and that he is indeed referring to Butterfree.
  • 2007 January 20, Lady Sashi, “FS: SAILOR MOON goodies - RARE & OUT OF PRINT stuff!”, in rec.arts.anime.marketplace, Usenet[9]:
    Silver Hug, Gold Kiss by Nekomeisi - (yuri: Uranus x Neptune) - $25.00