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English citations of yarraman

  • 1842, Legends of Australia, March
    ‘Got it coat, yarraman, and musket just like it soger.’ (Meaning that they were equipped with horses, fire-arms, &c., and drest like mounted police.
  • 1856, W. W. Dobie, Recollections of Port Phillip
    In stalks a black-fellow, like an emissary of Satan, who ... tells him how that ‘two big-fellow bushrangers pull away along o’ creek, and look out yarramen (horses) belonging to station, and no gammon.’
  • 1892, Western Champion, Barcaldine 9 Feb
    The astonished ‘yarraman’ gave one look round ... and started off across the plain like a toboggan slide on the down grade.
  • 1923, J. Bowes, Jackaroos
    ‘Lot of pfellers go long here.’ ‘How many yarramans?’
  • 1976, C. D. Mills, Hobble Chains and Greenhide
    ‘Properly good yarraman this one,’ seemed to be the undeniable verdict.
  • 1994, R. & J. Huggins, Auntie Rita
    You hardly heard of domestic violence in my time that’s true ... I think the old yarraman got more hits than we did. He never hit the dog because the dog was too fast for him.
  • 2005, Melissa Lucashenko, Mullumbimby
    'Whattya you been doing with this yarraman?' Jo asked Ellen, who was standing beside the bathtub that now held the horses' drinking water.