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English citations of zitcom

Noun: "a sitcom aimed at a teen audience or revolving around teen characters"[edit]

1996 1999 2000 2001 2009
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  • 1996 — Mike Drew, "Sitcom-mania fells memorable dramas", Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 29 April 1996:
    Still, I'd prefer "Murder One-Half" to whole seasons of the gazillion "zitcoms" coming aimed at the young and unthinking.
  • 1999 — Nancy Franklin, "Not Entirely Clueless", The New Yorker, 18 October 1999:
    It has some extremely painful scenes; when Lindsay's attempt to protect a retarded boy from ridicule backfires, it's upsetting in a way that goes far beyond the usual emotional range found in these zitcoms.
  • 2000 — Larry Gelbert, "The Seventh-Decade Stretch", The New York Times, 24 September 2000:
    I find that despite the prevalence of antiseniorism in our society -- evidenced by the preponderance of preadolescent zitcoms and other youth-oriented fare wherever I turn my bifocaled gaze -- []
  • 2001 — Marvin Kitman, "All the News That's Fit to Blurt", Newsday, 12 August 2001:
    Famous for its zitcoms, the Frog actually has two good ones this year.
  • 2001 — Marvin Kitman, "Grape Expectations for 2001", Newsday, 16 September 2001:
    Press barons Kellner and Ancier, famous for their WB zitcoms and teen soaps, are attempting to "young-up" the news.
  • 2009 — "Happy Days Are Here Again", Newsweek, 24 April 2009:
    Just as alluring are films that avoid adversity altogether; this past Easter weekend set box-office records for the holiday weekend—about $130 million, up 14 percent over Easter weekend 2008—thanks largely to "Hannah Montana: The Movie," based on the aggressively unthreatening TV "zitcom," and "Fast & Furious 4," based on, well, "Fast & Furious" 1, 2 and 3.
  • 2009Belinda Luscombe, "Making New Mileys: Disney's Teen-Star Factory", Time, 22 October 2009:
    Each of these youngsters was given a TV show — the so-called zitcom — followed usually by a recording contract with Disney-owned Hollywood Records, songs in heavy rotation on Radio Disney and on Disney-movie sound tracks, a concert tour with Disney-owned Buena Vista Concerts and tie-in merchandise throughout the Disney stores.