FlatB@Thumb-PalmForward-FlatB@FromCenterNeckhigh-PalmForward FlatB@NearSideNeckhigh-PalmAcross-FlatB@FromCenterNeckhigh-PalmForward

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American Sign Language[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]

This sign includes a classifier that indicates the type of object that is open and movement indicating the manner in which opening occurs. Some common forms with other classifiers and movements follow:


Classifier FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmForward (a flat object standing upright, i.e. a door), ...-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmForward (a flat object standing upright, i.e. a wall from which the door may swing), plus swinging motion to illustrate the door swinging open.


left-hand B palm-out right-hand B palm-out left-hand touching left side of right-hand away from body in center of chest left-hand moves left while turning to right-hand moves right while turning to
left-hand B palm-right right-hand B palm-left
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  1. (transitive) to open a swinging door
  2. (intransitive, of a swinging door) to open


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  1. (of a swinging door) open