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When there's a JavaScript or CSS error on a page, your browser won't usually directly tell you about it, because usually when you're visiting a random web-site, you're not interested in debugging it. So when you are interested in debugging an issue — or at least reporting it — you have to know how to pull up error information. This page helps you do that. (Note: even if your browser isn't listed here, many browsers have similar approaches, so this should give you an idea where to look. And once you've found what you need in your browser, please edit this page, or post on the talk-page.)

Google Chrome[edit]

(Note: The below instructions were tested on version 31.0.1650.63m on Windows 7 Enterprise. If you have a different version, and the details are a bit different, please edit this page, or post on the talk-page.)

  • menu > Tools > JavaScript console [Ctrl+Shift+J]
  • make sure either 'All' or 'Errors' is highlighted (as opposed to 'Warnings' or 'Logs' or 'Debug')
  • click on the filter (the blue funnel shape to the left of 'All'), and make sure that 'JavaScript' and/or 'CSS' is checked (as appropriate)