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This page aims to help editors create bare-bones entries in Wiktionaries in which they don't know the native language. The main purpose of it is to move out content (usually foreign language translations) that that isn't allowed here.


 # ???
 * {{en}}: [[Chinese]]


 == {{=fr=}} ==
 {{-nom-|fr}} (or adj, var, etc.)
 * {{T|en}}: {{trad|en|<translation>}}



 ==={{noun}}=== (or adj verb adverb pronoun)
 # ?????
 *{{en}}: {{t|de|water}}


 {{한국어|명사}} (template is the for Korean, and the parameter is noun)
 *'''1.''' ?????
 * 영어(en): [[water]]
 * <more>


  • Examples: mg:olona ("human")
  • Fast creation (for non-existent words)
  • ISO language code templates : {{=xx=}} for sections
  • {{-dika-}} template for translations sub-section (only use with Malagasy language entries)
  • {{-dika-}} template for specifying etymology
  • Minimalist wikitext for Malagasy entry:
'''<word>''' {{pron|<pronunciation>|mg}}
# ???

  • Extented wikitext for Malagasy entry:


'''<word>''' {{pron|<pronunciation>|mg}}
# ???




 # ????
 *{{en}}: {{ö|en|water}}

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