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You can show the contents of one page as a rendering within another page by two similar methods:-

By using a Template[edit]

If there is a page [[Template:Xxx]], you can show the contents of that page within your page by simply including the code {{Xxx}} in the text/code of your entry, to invoke the Template:Xxx. See Help:Template for in-depth help on Templates.

Please note: By Templates, we mean those entries in the Template: namespace. Templates are designed to be used for a number of purposes

  • To allow the consistent, quick insertion of a common block of boilerplate text into many pages.
  • To allow for the abbreviated entry of common code

Please do not use the Template: namespace if the code you want inserted into other pages is not to be inserted in many pages. Please use the second method below.

By "quoting" one page within another[edit]

This method is similar to the above, but without using the Template: namespace. This method is used in a few places in Wiktionary to maintain a list of items in one page, and then "quote" that page within another. This may be used because it is easier to maintain the list separately; to quote it in more than one place; because the list is protected and the page it is inserted to is not, or vice-versa.

Simply reference the one page within the other, using double curly brackets {{target-page}} instead of double square brackets. If there is a Template of the name Template:target-page, that would be displayed. But if there is no such Template, then the contents of the page [[target-page]] will be displayed.

e.g. {{Help:Contents}} or {{:Apple}} Note: you need the colon.