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See also Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki for this page.

"Special pages" are pages which are automatically generated by the MediaWiki software which runs Wiktionary. They all have names beginning with "Special:" and thus can be linked to from any user page, talk page, or page in the Wiktionary: namespace, by using internal links of the form:


Special pages should not be linked to from the dictionary entries in the main namespace.

A list of (almost) all available special pages can be found at Special:Specialpages. These pages cannot be directly edited by users; if you have a comment or suggestion about a special page, you should post it to this talk page.

In the following list the long form of each special page name is followed by the short form used in links (shown as pagename in the above example).

Page title Special: Description
All pages Allpages alphabetical list of pages in any namespace starting at a given title
Articles with the most categories Mostcategories entries which have been placed in the most categories
Articles with the most revisions Mostrevisions the most frequently edited entries
Book sources Booksources returns links to popular online booksellers for a given ISBN (does not check for validity of number)
Broken Redirects BrokenRedirects redirects that no longer point to an existing page
Categories Categories alphabetical list of categories
Dead-end pages Deadendpages entries that don't link to any other entries; usually needs fixing
Double redirects DoubleRedirects redirects that point to other redirects; the MediaWiki software will not follow multiple (chained) redirects; always needs fixing
Export pages Export disabled feature
File list Imagelist upload history for the most recently added images and sound files
File path Filepath find a file (image, etc.) by name (filename.ext)
Gallery of new files Newimages the most recently uploaded images and sound files displayed in gallery format
List of Wikimedia wikis SiteMatrix links to Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, and Wikisource in various languages
List of blocked IP addresses and usernames Ipblocklist the most recently blocked users
Log in / create account Userlogin
Logs Log
Long pages Longpages
MIME search MIMEsearch
Most linked to categories Mostlinkedcategories
Most linked to images Mostimages
Most linked to pages Mostlinked
My page Mypage one's own user page (i.e., that of the user following the link)
My talk Mytalk one's own user talk page (i.e., that of the user following the link)
My watchlist Watchlist one's own watchlist (i.e., that of the user following the link)
New pages Newpages
Oldest pages Ancientpages
Orphaned pages Lonelypages
Preferences Preferences
Prefix index Prefixindex
Random page Randompage
Random redirect Randomredirect
Recent changes Recentchanges
Search Search
Short pages Shortpages
Special pages Specialpages
Statistics Statistics
System messages Allmessages
Uncategorized categories Uncategorizedcategories
Uncategorized pages Uncategorizedpages
Unused categories Unusedcategories
Unused files Unusedimages
Upload file Upload
User list Listusers
Version Version
Wanted categories Wantedcategories
Wanted pages Wantedpages

Random pages