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CamelCase compound of media +‎ wiki.


  • IPA(key): /ˈmiːdi.əˌwɪki/

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Wiktionary and WMF jargon) The wiki software used by many websites, including the Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc.
    • 2006, Tim Jowers, The Business Guide to Free Information Technology, LuLu Press, →ISBN, page 59:
      MediaWiki is the most well-known wiki software because it is what runs WikiPedia. MediaWiki is simple to use and an excellent way to start collaborating on documentation or articles.
    • 2007, Mark S. Choate, Professional Wikis, Wiley Publishing, →ISBN, page 41:
      The architecture of MediaWiki is driven in large part by the idiosyncrasies of PHP. When MediaWiki was first developed, it used PHP 4.x, which lacked much in the way of object-oriented programming features.
    • 2008 April 26, Mitch Wagner, “Lost Fans Find Internet Thrills Via Wikis, Games, Second Life”, in InformationWeek[1], retrieved October 28, 2012:
      MediaWiki is the software platform underlying Wikipedia; he chose that software because he's "amazed and fascinated" with both Wikipedia and the software underlying it, he said. He wanted to learn more about building wikis, and thought Lostpedia was a good place to start.
    • 2009, Terry T. Kidd, Irene Chen, Wired for Learning: An Educator's Guide to Web 2.0, Information Age Publishing, Inc., →ISBN, page 187:
      A notable irony of Wikipedia's popularity is that the editing process of its supporting technology, MediaWiki, is complex to learn. Editing Wikipedia pages requires significant investment to learn MediaWiki's unique and powerful code structure.
    • 2010, John K. Waters, John Lester, The Everything Guide to Social Media, F+W Media Inc., →ISBN, page 166:
      First released in 2002, MediaWiki is one of the top wiki engines and runs most of the wiki hosting sites. The name was a play on “Wikimedia,” and many people find it to be annoyingly confusing.
    • 2011, Laura Lemay, Rafe Colburn, Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and CSS in One Hour a Day, Sams Publishing, →ISBN:
      The main downside of publishing a site using MediaWiki is that it won't give you a great opportunity to use or improve your HTML skills.
    • 2012 October 8, Neil McAllister, “Tech rivals team up for free web dev docs”, in The Register[2],, retrieved October 28, 2012:
      The site is based on Wikipedia's MediaWiki platform, which allows anyone to add or edit the available content, provided they register for an account using a verifiable email address.






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Borrowed from English MediaWiki.

Proper noun[edit]

MediaWiki m

  1. (Wiktionary and WMF jargon) MediaWiki, a wiki software.