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link={{{imglink}}} This page is no longer active. The Transwiki system has been abandoned. As of December 2019, there are no remaining entries in the Transwiki namespace
No discussion is needed to revive this page; simply remove the {{inactive}} tag and bring it up to date.

The Transwiki system is used to move articles from one wiki to another more appropriate one. The system is described at m:Help:Transwiki. This article explains how such articles are incorporated into en.Wiktionary.

The import process[edit]

A Wiktionary admin will run a bot on a regular basis to copy articles that have been tagged for transwiki on en.Wikipedia to en.Wiktionary. It is best to allow the bot to import the articles rather than trying to copy them manually. Please allow the bot to do its job.

Things a Wiktionarian can do[edit]

Once an article has been imported, it can be found here or from this category page.

Step 1:Assess Transwikis[edit]

  1. Select an article from one of these places.
  2. If you think that the Transwiki article is unsuitable for Wiktionary, you could Transwiki it somewhere else or, more probably, add an {{rfd}} to it, include your reasons, and make an entry on the WT:RFD page.
  3. If it is suitable, see if Wiktionary already has such an article: If it does not, Proceed to step 2 How to move a new word in. If it does have one already, skip step 2 and go to steps 3-5.

Step 2:How to move a new word in[edit]

  1. If Wiktionary does not have such an article:
    • Reformat the article to Wiktionary standards.
      • Be sure to remove all Wikipedia templates and categories from the Transwiki: namespace entry
      • Save the wikified page.
    • Move the Transwiki namespace entry to its new home (Appendix:, main namespace, etc.)

Steps 3-5: What to do if Wiktionary already has an existing namespace article[edit]

Step 3: If Wiktionary does have an article:

  1. Determine if the Transwiki'd version provides some better information.
    • If it does not provide better information, tag it with:
      • #redirect[[Target Pagename]] {{delete}}.
      • Note the reason for deletion in the edit summary is a duplicate word and/or definition.
    • If it does provide some better information, decide whether it should: (1) replace the other article or (2) merge contents with the other article. A good example of 2 is if a Transwiki article has a new context and good information that would add to and enhance an existing page. Proceed to step 4 or step 5.

Step 4: How to replace all contents[edit]

  1. If it should replace the other article, entirely:
    1. Reformat the Transwiki article to Wiktionary standards as noted above.
    2. Tag it with {{merge|{{PAGENAME}}}}. Or if the existing page starts with a lower case letter tag it with: {{merge|{{lcfirst:{{PAGENAME}}}}}}.
    3. Administrators only: can complete a replacement page as follows:
      • Check the request is a good request (see below).
      • If so, move the Transwiki'd page to where the target used to be, intentionally replace the other page.

Step 5: How to merge some contents[edit]

  1. If, however, it has useful content that we'd want to merge to the other existing article, for example (i.e. a new definition or good references):
    1. Reformat the "to be merged" sections of the article to Wiktionary standards, as noted above.
    2. Tag it with {{merge|{{PAGENAME}}}}. Or if the existing page starts with a lower case letter tag it with: {{merge|{{lcfirst:{{PAGENAME}}}}}}.
    3. YOU can either merge the contents yourself, noting the merge took place in the edit summaries of the target page, or leave it for others...
    4. After merging contents to the target page:
      • Note the merger (including the page names) in the edit summaries then save. (This step is required in order to conform with §4(I) of the GFDL. Do not omit it or omit the page names.)
      • Administrators only: Can complete a content marge as follows: ("sysop-history-merge"). To meet license guidelines one must combine all the page histories together at the target page history. The sysop steps are as follows:
        • Make sure you can access the original page somewhere either note last contribution and date, or make a minor edit so that is in your recent contributions. (This is due to a glitch in the system).
        • Move the Transwiki'd page to where the target used to be, intentionally replace the other page
        • Restore all versions.
        • Find the "last good" version, (look in your recent user contributions or the version you noted down)
        • Open it, use the edit button and "restore" it by saving it again.

More useful information that needs to be incorporated[edit]

If an improperly Transwiki'd copy exists already on Wiktionary, it needs to be deleted, and the imported Transwiki version moved atop it, then the DELETED VERSIONS RESTORED if edits other than the original improper copy had already been made to it.


Note that the resulting redirects from the Transwiki: namespace are normally retained for at least a month. In situations where confusion has arisen, it is advisable to retain the redirects longer.