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Proper noun[edit]

Indii (genitive Indijan, partitive Indijad)

  1. India


Inflection of Indii
nominative sing. Indii
genitive sing. Indijan
partitive sing. Indijad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative Indii
accusative Indijan
genitive Indijan
partitive Indijad
essive-instructive Indijan
translative Indijaks
inessive Indijas
elative Indijaspäi
illative ?
adessive Indijal
ablative Indijalpäi
allative Indijale
abessive Indijata
comitative Indijanke
prolative Indijadme
approximative I Indijanno
approximative II Indijannoks
egressive Indijannopäi
terminative I ?
terminative II Indijalesai
terminative III Indijassai
additive I ?
additive II Indijalepäi