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From Kaw- + Eechelchen, the latter a diminutive of a reduced form (compare Central Franconian Eechert, etc.) of Middle High German eichorn, from Old High German eihhorno, from Proto-Germanic *aikwernô, whence also German Eichhörnchen, Dutch eekhoorn. The first syllable Kaw- exists as a simplex in Central Franconian Kouert (etc.), perhaps from the verb for “to chew” (German kauen), though this association may be secondary. Generally, due to alteration, popular etymology, and root mixture, the words for “squirrel” show dozens of variants even within Luxembourgish and perhaps hundreds in Central Franconian at large.


  • IPA(key): /kaːˈveːɕəlɕən/


Kaweechelchen n (plural Kaweechelcher)

  1. squirrel