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  1. plural of MIPS
    • 1999, Defense Systems Management College, Acquisition Strategy Guide, 1999 (Fourth Edition), Government Printing Office (2000), page 3-1:
      The Defense Acquisition Executive (DAE) does not approve “MIPSs,” “MAPPS,” or “SAMPs.”
    • 2006, Krishnarup Ghosh Dastidar et al., “Evolutionary Divergence of L-myo-Inositol-1-Phosphate Synthase: Significance of a ‘Core Catalytic Structure’”, in Arun Lahiri Majumder and B.B. Biswas (editors), Biology of Inositols and Phosphoinositides, Springer, →ISBN, page 322:
      Among the eukaryotic MIPS sequences, the fungal MIPSs are also tetrameric in nature.
    • 2007, Guilin Qi and Anthony Hunter, “Measuring Incoherence in Description Logic-Based Ontologies”, in Karl Aberer et al. (editors), The Semantic Web: 6th International Semantic Web Conference, 2nd Asian Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2007 + ASWC 2007, Springer, →ISBN, page 384:
      Let 𝒯 be an incoherent TBox. A TBox 𝒯′⊆𝒯 is a minimal incoherence-preserving sub-TBox (MIPS) of 𝒯 if 𝒯′ is incoherent, and every sub-TBox 𝒯′′⊆𝒯′ is coherent. The set of all MIPSs of 𝒯 is denoted as MI(𝒯).
    • 2007, Mauri Kuorilehto et al., Ultra-Low Energy Wireless Sensor Networks in Practice, John Wiley & Sons, →ISBN, page 36:
      These platforms typically utilize high-performance MCUs having tens of MIPSs processing performance and hundreds of kilobytes program and data memories.