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Use this form to block write access from a specific IP address or username. Only do this in accordance with blocking policy. Fill in a specific reason, e.g. citing particular pages that were vandalized. See also: Special:Ipblocklist, Special:Log/block, Unblock form, Whois, ARIN, RIPE, AfriNic, Apnic, Lacnic.

  • Enter expiry times in the GNU standard format, which is described in the tar manuale.g. "1 hour", "2 days", "next Wednesday", "1 January 2017". "Indefinite" or "infinite" also work.
  • For blocking ranges of addresses, see mw:Help:Range blocks or Wiktionary:Range blocks.
  • Blocking a single IPv6 address may be ineffective. See mw:Help:Range blocks/IPv6 for details.
  • Do not type in "User:" in the field below. This will automatically be done for you.